Manifesto House Made With Repurposed Pallets & Shipping Containers


It’s not really a Prefab, it’s more built recycling materials like shipping containers and wooden pallets. The aim of Infiniski is to propose cheap and quickly built houses. On their website, they propose many different shapes and configurations. The one presented here was built in Chile for 79,000 euros. It’s made with two 40′ shipping containers and two 20′.


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Denise Muir-McCarey
Denise Muir-McCarey

This is marvellous: the use of recycled components; the lightness of the cantilevered ‘front face’ and the spaciousness created by window walls. Do you have a plan/s for one to look at?

Congratulations and regards to your architects!



This is amazing! Is it safe? — fire, storms etc?

Reine Mère via Facebook

Chic, ce petit air du Vitra Design Museum près de Bâle !

Flippin' Factory via Facebook

Shipping container goodness!

Donna Bassi
Donna Bassi

Sooo Awesome! Dream Houses!

Fulvia Novara via Facebook

Italia…… un paese dove non è permesso creare…..

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