Cork is a natural, renewable, completely biodegradable and recyclable raw material. By using recycled corks such as wine corks to manufacture other products, you are saving resources and minimizing carbon emissions. You will find ideas, projects and inspirations for products made with upcycled corks in this category.

Key Ring

By Neokentin

A painted cork is not only very pretty at the same time it doesn’t let the keys sink (for our friends from Amsterdam).

Stenciled Cork Boards

By Neokentin

Taking a thrift store Ikea cork board and cutting it into customized, stenciled art boards.

22 Inspiring Recycled Cork Creations

By Neokentin

It’s been a long work week. The chill of Autumn hides in the seasonal darkness that lingers outside your windows. You collapse into the corner of your sofa, feet tucked […]

Resausaled Ornaments Made From Tasting Room Waste Products

By Neokentin

I hate throwing anything away- especially shiny, malleable metal so I figured out a way to “improve” on the standard cork horse and reindeer ornaments by using previously used tasting […]

Cork Chair & Side Table

By Neokentin

Metal frame chair and side table completely covered with wine and Champagne corks… After working as a bartender, I collected Corks for a few months… I welded simple Metal chair […]

Cork as Plant Labels

By Neodim

Corks for Decoration


Amid the summer, becoming a party to organize or attend a party will … Here are some ideas to creatively recycle the corks from wine bottles instead of throw them […]

Chess Set Made of Corks

By Matenak

Last year I decided to make a chess set out of corks. No reason for it I don’t have much to do with chess other than I know the rules… […]

Cork Board Table

By Neokentin

I took an old cork board I found in the garage and screwed some legs on it to make a nice little table !

Urban Objects by Aaron Kramer

By Neokentin

Working primarily in recycled and reclaimed materials I weave the mundane object such as street sweeper bristles and coffee stirrers. I make furniture from recycled wine corks, tin can lids […]

We Waste !

By Neokentin

Placemats bought in charity shops and hand printed on the back with facts about food waste. They’re part of a project encouraging people to share multibuy offers in supermarkets.

Diy: Tiny Trees From Upcycled Corks

By Neodim

Clippings from artificial garland are stuck into wine and champagne corks to make these tiny evergreen trees.

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