Cork is a natural, renewable, completely biodegradable and recyclable raw material. By using recycled corks such as wine corks to manufacture other products, you are saving resources and minimizing carbon emissions. You will find ideas, projects and inspirations for products made with upcycled corks in this category.

When Art & Wine Collide

By Neokentin

As an artist, I’m known for repurposing objects into my paintings (My art site was featured on Recyclart in April of 2011). After working in the wine industry over […]

Wine Corks Trivet

By Neokentin

A trivet made with cork from winebottles and a spin from a mattress

Riy: Cork Stamps

By Neokentin

A very simple DIY idea after you finished your bottle of wine…make stamps with the leftover cork !

Wall With Soul

By Neokentin

Cork is a symbol of Portuguese identity. The identity aspects are mainly related with the cultural meaning of Cork material for Portugal, particularly important in the Cultural and Socio-Economic context […]

Recycling Corks – Idea for Valentine’s Day

By Craft and Fun

Cork is a precious material, 100% natural, rather than end it in the trash, we can realize the creative recycling ideas for Valentine’s Day table.

Cork Mat

By Neokentin

Collect corks and just join it.

Chandelier From Recycled Champagne Corks

By Neodim

What to do with all the champagne corks you have from yesterday’s celebration? Here is one of the most original ideas!

Wine Cork Christmas Tree

By Neodim

Beautiful idea!

Corks & Felt Nativity

By Neokentin

This nativity is simply made with corks and felt.

Cork Christmas Tree

By Neodim

Are you a wine lover or a cork collector? You can upcycle old your old corks into an original Christmas tree!

Bag From Upcycled Corks

By Neokentin

This is my idea of recycling party waste, I gave it to a librarian for one month to carry books in it- nothing to it and it floats…

Trivet with Wine Corks!

By Neokentin

Original trivet for your table! some plugs, glue, wire, it’s as simple as that!

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