Cork is a natural, renewable, completely biodegradable and recyclable raw material. By using recycled corks such as wine corks to manufacture other products, you are saving resources and minimizing carbon emissions. You will find ideas, projects and inspirations for products made with upcycled corks in this category.

Cork Reindeer

By Neodim

Marc designed and made these reindeer out of upcycled wine corks and twigs from his garden.

Diy Wine Cork Wreath (Video Tutorial)

By Neodim

Diy: Wine Corks To Bath Mat

By Neodim

You will need: 175 wine corks, plus a few for mistakes, hot glue sticks & gun, non-adhesive shelf liner, sharp pocket knife, cutting board, rotary cutter and mat, long ruler […]

Cork It

By Al Ha veDa

Gabriel Wiese is a German furniture designer who upcycles cork, or rather Corks. Hundreds and hundreds of them. He uses wine bottle corks in their industrial form to create chairs, […]

Pin Board Made With Upcycled Corks

By Ripe Green Ideas

A pin board made out of old recycled corks…Cheers! Never thrown away your old corks :) ++ Ripe Green Ideas

Cork Table Mats

By Neodim

++ Ciclus Barcelona

Cork Chair(S)

By Neodim

You have to be very patient to collect all the corks in order to be able to make new pieces of furniture. You can find many pieces made with upcycled […]

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