Cork is a natural, renewable, completely biodegradable and recyclable raw material. By using recycled corks such as wine corks to manufacture other products, you are saving resources and minimizing carbon emissions. You will find ideas, projects and inspirations for products made with upcycled corks in this category.

Diy: Recycled Wine Cork Necklace

By Neokentin

Fashion and easy to make recycled necklace using wine cork, with a step by step video.

Creativity from Corks

By Neokentin

Art expresses itself in myriad ways and forms. Paintings, pottery, glass or marble statues, art is for everyone something else (fortunately). What one inspires and upsets, might be for another […]

Diy: Framework With Corks

By yonolotiraria

The only materials you’ll need are: wine corks and glue.

Little Cork Animals

By Neokentin

Champagne corks disguise themselves as bears, deer, rabbit and mouse. Cute ideas by Anisbee!

Wine Cork Earrings

By Neokentin

I made earrings using rounds from a wine cork. First step was to cut rounds from an old wine cork then I decoupaged scrap paper to the cork. Once the […]

Wine Cork Birdhouse

By Neodim


Recycled Cork Fireworks

By trashycrafter

If you need a fun patriotic fourth of july craft that is easy, this is perfect for food platters, plant pokes and much more… all you need is paint, some […]

Upcycled Cork Charms

By Neokentin

These beautiful charms are a perfect way to add a touch of splendour to bags, purses and the keys to your treasures! They are for sale now from ‘Fancy Tat […]

Another Corks Trivet

By Neokentin

Trivet made with wine corks.

Colorful Recycled Mini Cork Boards

By trashycrafter

A while back I found this wooden disks, I am guessing they are for some part of furniture making. I bought them at a local thrift store for 50 cents […]

The Corkmen

By Neokentin

A bit about ourselves: We really love basic things like art, wine and recycling. We believe you can certainly make something out of ‘nothing’, and that’s exactly what we aim […]

Corks Door

By Mary Beth Trautwein

Door to Santino’s Pizza in Venice, CA

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