Recycled Plastic

Plastic recycling projects, learn how to transform your old plastic bottles into useful objects :)

Diy Video Tutorial: Rust-oleum Glow-in-the-dark Clock

Diy Video Tutorial: Marbled Disinfecting Wipes Bottle

Moon Dancer Recycled Packaging Collage

The local birds will surely appreciate your efforts with this cute little bird feeder. It is an easy project to make, and you'll be helping the environment and your local chirpy friends!

Diy Video Tutorial: Recycled Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

21 Delightfully Creepy Upcycled Doll Projects!

Upcycle any sheer cloth that has a bit of body to it in this fun, fast project!

Simple Upcycled Tulle Flowers

Diy Video Tutorial: Plastic Bottle Cement Vase

Recycled Plastic Restaurant Art Makes Waiting Fun!

Plastic Plumbing Planters Have Steampunk Feel

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