Recycled Plastic

Plastic recycling projects, learn how to transform your old plastic bottles into useful objects :)

Diy Video Tutorial: Rust-oleum Glow-in-the-dark Clock

By FerintoshFarmsPhoto

Well, my paint told me I should paint a clock, so we paint a clock with glow in the dark paint so I can tell time while I pee; so if you’d also like to be able to tell time while you pee, make sure to watch my cat Troy and I make it happen.

Diy Video Tutorial: Marbled Disinfecting Wipes Bottle

By abbieboudreau

I love my Clorox disinfectant wipes — But I do NOT love that bright yellow canister taking up valuable real estate on my countertops! This 5-minute DIY will give your Clorox canister a much-needed makeover!

Moon Dancer Recycled Packaging Collage

By Chinaberries_Studio

Moon dancer is a fanciful figure dancing in the sky before a blood moon with giant ginkgo leaf fans.

Diy Video Tutorial: Recycled Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

By Dark_Horse_Woodworking

This is a bird feeder made with a recycled plastic bottle and pallet wood.

21 Delightfully Creepy Upcycled Doll Projects!

By HeatherStiletto

For some of us, it’s ALWAYS Halloween. We crave a touch of the twisted; savor the shock value. There’s something about a discarded doll that can be beautiful, sad, and a […]

Simple Upcycled Tulle Flowers

By Cucicucicoo

Repurpose party favor wrappings (or scraps of tulle) to make these sweet and colorful flowers for decorating your home, topping gifts, or embellishing anything else you’d like! Lots of options to make all sorts of flowers!

Diy Video Tutorial: Plastic Bottle Cement Vase

By Neokentin

Put those soda plastic bottles to good use by recycling them to create this trendy concrete vase for your home.

Recycled Plastic Restaurant Art Makes Waiting Fun!

By five.factorial

Things you can do from tabletop supplies at a restaurant while waiting for food! :)

Plastic Plumbing Planters Have Steampunk Feel

By Patrick Hoesterey

These mini planters are inspired by the Steampunk style. Read on for complete DIY instructions!

Diy: Make Flowers Using Straws

By MalicesCraftland

I did a special little gift to my friend for her birthday… would you like to know what I did and how?

Upcycled Provocative Blended Doll Art

By Neokentin

When I walk into my workshop, I’m immediately inspired. The different materials I’ve collected take on new shapes, and the adventure begins. Whole and half dolls become Upcycled Blended Doll […]

Upcycled Bottle Brooches/Corsages

By FancyTat

Beautiful Bottle Brooches – Creatively handmade using plastic bottles, beads, buttons, baubles and felt.

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