Recycling Paper & Books

Inspirations, ideas and projects around paper and books, ones of the most recyclable & versatile material.

Upcycled Origami Paper From Old Maps

By Patrick Hoesterey

Now that the world runs on smartphones and GPS, what to do with all those old paper maps? Here’s one idea.

Blue Heron Upcycled Paper Wall Art

By Marlene

I am surrounded by nature which is a huge inspiration for the recycled pieces I create.

Outrageous Playing Cards Wall Art Captures Movement

By marcopisano

What is the consequence of being many things, change your mind, break the rules, do not have tasks to perform?

Steampunk Book Chest with Music Box

By creadome

I am self-taught. I love working with clay but also drawing and reshaping objects with recycled material to give them a new life for another purpose.

Reaper of Darkness: Newspaper Lamp

By auntmade

This lamp is one of my favorites and it brings out the faint colors of blue and pink so beautifully. Materials used: Newspaper, Chart paper (white majorly, blue and pink) […]

Recycling Magazine Pages

By avarelalopes

I start by collecting pages from magazines, supermarket folders, whatever paper with a bright color. Dividing the page in two, vertically I start to roll the pieces of paper, one […]

How To Make An Upcycled French Farmhouse Rooster

By boreidesign

How to create an adorable papier mache rooster or chicken sculpture using all recycled materials and a few craft supplies.

Decorative Balls Out Of Newspapers & Eggshells

By Helena Andreasson

Easy, fun, cheap & eco-friendly with eggshells and newspaper!

Cereal Box Woven Basket

By Cucicucicoo

Don’t throw away your empty cereal boxes—you can reuse them to make these upcycled woven baskets! This fun repurposing tutorial will help you keep your home organized without paying a cent!

Paper Mache Vase

By Neokentin

Handmade vase made from recycled paper.

Rek: Upcycled Newspaper Into Flowers

By Neokentin

I love the idea of upcycling, and I try to make little poetry with waste material (newspapers, gazettes, magazines, plastic bags). I imagine, and I make bouquets of flowers which […]

Easy Fall Paper Mache Pumpkin Container Or Vase

By boreidesign

How to easily make a pretty paper mache pumpkin container for fall or Halloween using an old plastic pumpkin bucket as a mold.

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