Mixed Media Art: Heron Hunting Wall Art

I made this Heron Hunting Wall Art collage using a cradle wood panel, acrylic paint, and lots and lots of tiny little pieces I cut from old magazines. I mainly use colored paper with text the same way a painter would use paint – as a palette of color to choose from.

Upcycle old magazines, books, and scrap wood to create a beautiful work like this Heron Hunting Wall Art

This collage measures 16″ x 8″ x 1″. The heron is quite large, even though it doesn’t appear so in the photos. First I painted the cradle wood panel and purposely blended it roughly to give a weathered effect. Then I began working on the heron. It took hours to create, and I had to consult a bird field guide to get the colors right. The paper was glued in place after finding just the right shades to create each section of the bird and background.

Mixed Media Art: Heron Hunting Wall Art 1 • Recycling Paper & Books

Here’s more beautiful paper art – Reaper Lamp Art. Doesn’t everyone need a Magnum P.I. Ornament?


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