Blue Heron Upcycled Paper Wall Art

Recycling is an important part of my life, especially in my artwork. I am surrounded by nature, and there is, therefore, no lack of inspiration. I mainly work in acrylic mediums. However, I felt like doing some Upcycled Paper Wall Art when looking at a stack of magazines.

Upcycled Paper Wall Art – simple but eye-catching and colorful!

This Blue Heron Upcycled Paper Wall Art Canvas is based on acrylic paints, and the rolled magazine papers are cut according to size to create the image. It is really a rather simple project but very colorful (which was my intention). Let’s not forget how enjoyable it was to create!

Upcycled Paper Wall Art

A charming way to add color and a unique piece of art to your living room, dining room or bedroom! Now here’s what you can do with those leftover magazines – turn them into Magazine Envelopes!


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