Reused and Recycled wood ideas

Wooden Lamp from One Left over Wooden Board

By Soikkeli

I had leftover boards of black alder from my previous sauna renovation project. Those we’re used to the seats, but after a short use, we changed them to a little darker wood…

Leslie’s Mobil Oil Clock “Ralph”

By dpcreativespace

A tribute to: The Aladdin Oil (Standard Oil of New York) SOCONY and the Wayne gas pump clock face.

Wine Barrel Dog House

By 2SisterArt

My sister loved animals!! To say the least. She and I had been working toward starting our own business (2SistersArt), she being the inspiration that pulled the creative genes that […]

Fetch a Stick. Snap a Pic.

By Neokentin

I had some leftover bamboo from another project I had been working on, and I don’t like to waste anything. So I decided to use a Dremel to slice different […]

Lucciole, Recycled Wine Barrel Staves Large 12 Lights Chandelier

By Stil Novo Design

Lucciole is a large chandelier entirely handcrafted using reclaimed solid oak staves. The staves are recycled from discarded wine barrels and reinvented into this exceptional ceiling pendant light.
Lucciole is ideal for high ceilings rooms where the interesting effect created by the lights in their staggered formation may be fully appreciated.

Hardly Wasted Artworks: Photography on Recycled Timber

By Hardlywasted

Hardly Wasted Artworks. An original photograph taken by Black Rose Photography mounted onto a recycled/re-purposed piece of timber.

Wonderful Build Diy Pallet Oversize Chair

By Neokentin

My wife wanted an oversized seating option, so I came up with this DIY Pallet Oversize Chair, and she loves it! DIY Pallet Oversize Chair – put an old oversized […]

Dome Fairy Log Lamps

By Burçin Uçak

Dome fairy lamp is an up-cycle design with battery operated fairy led lights. Having lots of logs after a big garden cleaning, they have been transformed into a short table […]

30 Beautiful Firewood Log Arts

By Neokentin

Human creativity is everywhere and can manifest in absolutely everything! Even in a monotonous and strenuous activity, such as storing firewood for the winter. Indeed, there are people who arrange […]

My Island Nightlight

By Bibi

Created with a birch mushroom, branches, sea glass and pebbles from Sainte-Luce-sur-Mer, Québec. The moss is from Mont-Tremblant Québec, and it is actually living. You can spray it every day […]

Chandelier from the Sea

By Bibi

Created with a huge pebble from Annapolis Royal NS, the shells from scallops from Digby NS and they were delightful!! The moss is from Mont-Tremblant-Tremblant, Québec. It lives when sprayed […]

Second Life

By Bibi

Created with a stone from Nova Scotia, driftwood and sea glass from Sainte-Luce-Sur-Mer, Québec. The branches from a sick branch of an urge pine tree and the moss are from […]

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