Fruit Box Becomes Decorative Toilet Paper Storage

In our homes, it’s always very important to have an ample supply of toilet paper. My solution was to upcycle an empty fruit box that I found in front of the mini-market into Decorative Toilet Paper Storage!

This handy Decorative Toilet Paper Storage solution is great for guest bathrooms too!

I painted it and decorated it with fabric to transform it into this Decorative Toilet Paper Storage. This keeps the paper handy, organized, and visible for guests.

Fruit Box Becomes Decorative Toilet Paper Storage 1 • Recycled Packaging
T.P. Storage never looked more adorable. I made this from a fruit crate that I covered with a patterned material that went with my home decor.

Here’s a beautiful Garden Bench idea for you too! Here’s another fun upcycling idea – turn Skis into chairs!

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