Milk Carton Art

From Hubert Cano :

“My name is Hubert Cano, I am from San Juan Puerto Rico. A throughout my career as an artist, I have managed to get to work on the art of recycling. In 2009 this my individual art exhibition in the Contemporary Art Museum of Puerto Rico. This was prepared in milk cartons making a success by the way my art work. Now continuing the art of recycling and my next exhibition will be all the items recycled.

The Virgin of Milk is an iconographic subject that probably she begins in the catacombs of Priscila, where is a supposed pictorial representation of the Virgin in the ceiling of a tomb. The symbolic meaning would be double: the Virgin would feed Christ as the Church would feed the Christians. This work this directed to a space of reflection on the relation between the maternity and the sexuality.

Are one criticizes subtle and delicate as it is the subject of maternal milk, and the present difference to a time where the process of the lactancia is different. Of equal way this sample where each Virgin of milk appears is an approach of faith and spirituality. “



++ Contact Hubert Cano at : hubertcano at yahoo dot com

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hermosos trabajos
te felicito
me encanta reciclar

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