Drum Kit Upcycled into Chandelier

This complete drum kit chandelier can be seen at The Drum, JJ’s Red Hots restaurant and was designed by Matt Ludwig of Ludwig Metals. Nice done !







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Andrea Cason

Brian Lee Cason thought you would like this!

Kim Hill

Rustee Martin Sticker

Debra Peters Burr

Well, that’s one way to get it out of the closet.

Rustee Martin Sticker

How cool is that?! Brady Sticker

Brian Lee Cason

Why didn’t I think of that??

Razieh Mostafavi

Very nice. Look what I saw today at the flea market. Backpacks made of juice pouches. Amazing!

Spółka Meblowa

jak dobrze, że nie z europalet

Kylie van Wanrooy

That is super cool!!

Francine Raccah-koby

Pour Cédric Veillard recyclage de nos tambours

Charlene Golden Wascak

People come up with some very good ideas, wish I had such an imagination!

Cédric Veillard


The Eco Gent

That’s a great use of old drums! Would be perfect in a guitar room or someone’s practice area in their home!

Amy Acord Smith

David :) for the studio!

Christine Smith

Ryan how about this with your spare drums?

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