Milk & Juice Cartons Into Bird Feeders

Milk carton and juice carton can be upcycled and turned into bird feeders. So do not throw them just yet. Clean them up and store them for this craft/DIY. If you are like my family and me, and you enjoy watching birds, welcome them with bird feeders made from milk and juice carton.

Grab these materials listed and we are ready to rock this:

  • Milk and juice carton
  • Craft knife
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Disposable chopsticks or bbq sticks
  • String
  • Ruler
  • Ballpen

This is an easy and budget-friendly DIY. It’ll be a great weekend project with your children, too. But make sure you do not let the kiddos do the cut outs using the craft knife. Let the children do the decorating and painting and they will have a grand time for sure. After doing this project, place some bird seeds inside the feeders, and you will certainly have some birds hanging out in your garden.

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Linda Winchell
Linda Winchell

I started making my version over 12 years ago. I take the cartons, wrap them in duct tape. Then place a thin pre-painted wooden frame over the area that will be their door. Roof is made to look like shingles by using the petals off of large pine cones. Glue a small bird on the screw off cap. And the pull tab from the cartons I use to hot glue on the back to hang it up. I have had one or two on my art studio for 12years and it looks like new!

Heather Stiletto
Reply to  Linda Winchell

Very clever! <3 Love your description too – wouldn't even need a photo for how well you described it. Thanks!

Susan Whelan Doorley

Jennifer Pollock Dobson….something cute for you & the kids to make while on your hols!!! Mini ones for your fairy garden!!!


Does paint stick to the waxed cardboard?

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