Tiny Apartment Features Big Upcycled Interior Design Ideas

This Tiny Apartment Features Big Upcycled Interior Design Ideas! This our second project for a real estate company. We were tasked with the design and furniture production for one of their small lofts (26m2) in Barcelona.

Upcycling can be budget-friendly, but can help maximize space and lends to creative storage ideas!

As baseline materials for this project, we have chosen steel elements because they can be recycled again and again. Additionally, we used reclaimed wood from old construction, salvaged steel pipes, and scaffolding structures. Given the limited space available, we created a steel structure that serves both as a loft bedroom above and utility storage/close space below.

Upcycled Interior Design Ideas can maximize the functionality of your limited spaces!

To enhance the functional space of the closet, we created a custom made rolling wooden clothes cart. The cart features two large drawers and shelves. We used reclaimed wooden window shutters as doors for the utility and the closet. The shutters add a nice contrast and natural feel to the rusted steel structure.

Even a kitchenette can benefit from Upcycled Interior Design Ideas!

The kitchenette is small, but functional, and is a playful combination of materials, colors, and textures! To wrap up the functionality of the space, we created a high table, which can double as a prep or cooking bench, and a hanging multi-functional kitchen rack. Finally, for the bathroom, we combined new (steel elements, faucet elements) and an upcycled sink to add an industrial, vintage look to it.

Upcycled Interior Design Ideas1

Upcycled Interior Design Ideas2

Upcycled Interior Design Ideas3

Upcycled Interior Design Ideas4

Upcycled Interior Design Ideas5

Upcycled Interior Design Ideas6

Upcycled Interior Design Ideas7

Upcycled Interior Design Ideas8

Upcycled Interior Design Ideas9

Upcycled Interior Design Ideas10

WOW! Here’s more inspiration for your home or Apartment!

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Susan Moore
Susan Moore

Love, love, the bathroom sink, fantastic!

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