Minimal Dress


May I ask how many costumes she wears out each year?’
‘My dear sir, the clothing of a lady does not wear out through her wearing of it, but through her being seen in it. ‘   Richard Steele

Our clothes are more quickly discarded as a result of changing fashion than because of wear and tear. The consumption of the clothing industry is gigantic as a result. Minimal dress is a concept clothing project, in which a dress is minimized to a few threads at the most. They are whispier than whispy, yet they remain feminine dresses.


++ Digna Kosse

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Tara @ Go Green St.
Tara @ Go Green St.

I am not real sure about this. I mean, really? What is the point of even bothering?

bambang pe
bambang pe

Really without dress….




I wore something simular to work one day, THEY LOVED IT!


i don’t think this is something ANY real Lady would wear in public… c’mon, i know that style lends it’self to not being “green”… but, common decency, courtesy, and common sense say that a lady does not go out basically naked… a few strings do not a dress make and they are not feminine, they are STRINGS!!! HELOOOOO!!!!! for an art attraction ok, the female form is beautiful but for style it can be accentuated and fully clothed and not indecent.


The Emperor’s New Clothes.


“Minimal dress is a concept clothing project…”
It’s not meant to be a dress that anyone ACTUALLY wears, but rather a poli-artistic statement about consumption and how we are “manipulated” by the industry into thinking, believing, & acting that we must constantly change what we wear before we truly need to.

Christoffer A. Karlsson via Facebook
Christoffer A. Karlsson via Facebook

Minimalism Norma? :)

Anna Skrzynska via Facebook

i heja do Tesco!

Michelle Harmon via Facebook

Not something you could wear to your office job, however.

Janette Raitano Groves via Facebook

Oh, good! Just in time for my class reunion! Lol!

Kotinka Kay via Facebook

the emperor’s new clothes.

Quincy Cook

Did this facebook page get hacked?

Reply to  Quincy Cook

No – this was a submit by one of the crafters in 2016.

Nath Pilloud

je crois que c’est pousser le bouchon un peu trop loin que proposer ça! ok plein de délation de cas de viol ou autre assimilés… mais là c’est carrément nu… à réserver pour les galopades privées!!!

Malcom Edwards

that”s why raincoats are yellow

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