by Victoria Potter

Mirage Recycled Art From Junk Materials

(2011) 45” x 45” Mixed Media On Wood
Morningwhispers (Victoria Potter)
ALL RECYCLED MATERIALS…250 pieces of recycled matters
This was created in my attempt to honor the Holocaust Survivors as well as many survivors of war and hardships in our world & the children whom are bullied… that we must make the difference we must be the change … honoring one another and loving our planet and doing good by it ,, and the people within it
Its about loving all races all religions .. and having the compassion and understanding to open our hearts and our eyes to see the world can be so much better if we only stood as ONE – One World One Family that is my message in this Picture — Mona Lisa smile representing a hidden secret … The Secret is not to be a bystander a participate in hate but to make a difference with love and honour and have respect for one another and our differences.. Stop the Hate and lastly Smile and the whole world smiles back LOVEVOLUTION.


“To The Beat of the Drum”
This painting signifies, no two drums are the same – ( as no two people are the same) each has its own distinctive structure, spirit, and life .The drum is not just a music maker, but a voice for the soul within us. Although there are many different languages they all share a common belief that “we are all related” as we journey through all the divine colours. Can you feel my heart beat?
(2011) 40” x 32” – Mixed Media / Recycled Materials

The drum symbolizes the heart beat, with each beat we feel alive. As you will see only one drum standing- it represents YOU – NOT standing alone, but STANDING OUT. Red signifies celebration as we dance to the beat of the drum (heart).
The 3D mask is hand crafted and symbolizes free spirit: the spirit within us, allow yourself, to stand out and shine.
This piece has many textures and layers to it from all recycled materials this representing: beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.


“Cultural Splash”
I am a great believer in salvaging our planet from unwanted waste. I have created this painting with an abstract background to add life to the records and allow them to play and dance. The musical records I choose for this piece where of different languages. This is why this piece is called Cultural Splash. We can all brighten our day by adding a splash of colour.Symbolism: These records of different languages of the French, Italian and Spanish representing dancing with all of our people. We come in all shapes and sizes like the records we see here 45’s and 33’s however in a one planet setting we can dance beautifully together.
(2011) 40’ x 32” Mixed Media – Recycled materials on Canvas
© Morningwhispers (Victoria Potter)


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Brandy Hatfield via Facebook
Brandy Hatfield via Facebook

love all of these.Such passion !!

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