Modern Ethical Jewelry

I design every jewelry piece using modern designs and materials like Argentium silver. Combining with the traditional technique of handmade paper. I’m a graphic designer and certified handmade paper artisan. In my home/studio, I made the handmade paper pages for the handmade paper design collection. This is the beginning… I work with vintage books pages that I also transform in one of a kind piece. In my search for an ecological jewelry process, I find Argentium silver. I use Argentium silver for the ear wires and the paper pendants in my necklaces. Argentium silver using only recycled silver for production and guarantees traceability of its raw silver. Due to the fire stain-resistant nature of Argentium, the use of toxic chemicals used to remove fire stain is eliminated, helping to protect the environment. Many properties of Argentium allow it to be manufactured more quickly and efficiently, decreasing labor and resource costs and cutting back on making time.


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