by Meg Shea

My Green Bottles Chandelier

My green green & not much green chandelier has it’s name beacause it is green in color, green in that it is made from pop 2 lt’s and water bottles, and not much green because I had to spend $8.50 on brass wire when I ran out…but i only used about half so more like $4.25 and that is not much! Everything other than the wire I bought I had in the art studio. When I started, I cut out roundish to oval shaper close in shape peices from 7 up, siera mist, and sprite pop bottles for the green peices. I used water bottles for the clear peises. I made strands by stringing them together with wire and beads in between them. I had a found large plastic round hoop the perfect size as a base. I wound white ribbon around it to hide the brown and the wires holding them up. My honey hung it up with two hanger wires…… we love it!




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