by Robert Pennekamp

Na Fijen Finerikken

Made out of the trash and found materials, especially multiplex wood, own art forms, and sculpture. Wood clips and wood pins keep it all together. So you can build it up to your own way and in different forms. This project was nominated by 3000 contributions and ideas.

The project was to search for artworks inspired by Picasso. Robert Pennekamp made his own art installation called “Na Fijne Fijnerikken” best translated as “After Fine Fines“.

It started with comic-strip-like figures that endured an abstraction in the next phase. The parts are built up differently each time and put together or connected to each other. Wood clamps and market clamps keep things together. The installation is actually never “finished” and can always continue to grow.

Na Fijen Finerikken 1 • Recycled Art
Fine Fijnerikken; a collection of comic-strip sculptures in wood, Robert Pennekamp, 2015

The temporary and ever-changing plays a major role. Just like growth in concept and idea. Fijne Fijnerikken moves on to the next phase “After Fijne Fijnerikken”.

Na Fijen Finerikken 3 • Recycled Art
Atelier Opstelling; Na Fijne Fijnerikken
Na Fijen Finerikken 5 • Recycled Art
Development of the Fijne Fijnerikken, so after Fijne Fijnerikken, Robert Pennekamp.
Na Fijen Finerikken 7 • Recycled Art
Na Fijne Fijnerikken, Building kit without manual, installation Robert Pennekamp.
Na Fijen Finerikken 9 • Recycled Art
Next Phase of the Fijne Fijnerikken, an installation in development, this is an intermediate step, Robert Pennekamp, June 2015.


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