Na Fijen Finerikken

By Neokentin

Best ways to use your own wooden art forms and found materials of wooden trash

5 Examples of Creative Ways to Turn Trash into Cash

By Neokentin

Nowadays, our planet is literally drowning in garbage. The amount of global waste has reached unimaginable numbers and, unfortunately, very little of it is recycled or reused. According to the […]

The Art of Recycling: Transform Trash Into Pieces of Art

By Neokentin

There is a growing consciousness towards how and what we dispose of as trash every day of our lives. The world is starting to become a difficult place to live […]

Amazing Portraits Telling the Story of Consumption & Waste

By Neokentin

As inhabitants of the planet, what we consume as well as discard or throw away together form a vivid narrative of human health as well as the health of this […]

Turn Trash Into Gorgeous Window Screens!

By PJ1Priestley

I live in a French style apartment. The landlords business is below me and I am living above him. I needed screens and I knew I could make them without having to bother the landlord. I used a hax-saw and a stapler, free wood from the trash can of the hardware store, cheap fabric mess from the fabric store. I also used a wood glue, 2 cans of glossy black spray paint per screen.

Trash-fashions from Recycled Rubber

By trash-fashions

Working with trash creating one of a kind outrageous pieces of sculptures for the body… dare to wear!! I collect rubber and recycle it by constructing original pieces of wearable […]

Find Treasures Around You With Ios/Android App Curbit

By Neokentin

Curbit is an app for iOS and Android that helps you find treasures on the side of the road. Curbit was founded by Dean and Diony McPherson, and its purpose […]

Eco Adornments Recycled From Rubbish

By Ocean_Alien

Ocean Alien makes jewelry from trash that spews from the sea during Thailand’s monsoon season. The main materials used are the inside components of disposable cigarette lighters. These metal, plastic, foam and rubber parts are combined with semi precious beads and silver findings to create interesting and colorful jewelry which screams I LOVE YOU to the planet.

A Trash Can Made From Trash

By Upcycled Design Lab

A few weeks ago I made a little-woven basket for a desk organizer from some old magazine pages and me kind of got hooked on the process. So I decided to try and make some bigger baskets to organize other craft supplies and projects, but the thing I needed was a small trash can.

Caos Swim – Walter Morselli Art Exhibition

By Walter Morselli

Project SHOT – CHAOS SWIM – Art Exhibition, Palazzo Ducale, Genova. Nightmares of plastic that will encircle the mind, truth that run each day … Art installation able to arouse […]

Street Art Created with Recycled Materials By Artur Bordalo

By Neokentin

Artur Bordalo, also known as Bordalo II, is a Portuguese street Artist already well known in Portugal and now around the world for his interesting and amazing street art that incorporates […]

Sculptural Installations From Landfill Waste by Vincent Skoglund

By Neokentin

Swedish Artist Vincent Skoglund creates creative sculptural installations out of trash from landfills he found locally. He assembles these monolithic and orderly structures directly on site, and then photographs them documenting […]

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