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Old Fabric Becomes Holiday Decor Upcycled Tassels

Turn brightly-colored pieces of fabric into Upcycled Tassels for your home décor! This project upcycles any favorite fabrics, mixing colors and textures as you prefer.

Your old fabric becomes homemade Upcycled Tassels perfect for holiday or party decor!

First, separate the materials by color range. (e.g., cold and warm). Next, cut strips of cloth to the same size. Put five pieces together and tie them right in the center. Fold them and make another knot at 3 cm. Group them as you like, pass a cord through the middle and hang them. These tassels make great window valances or wall décor, but add lights to create a holiday décor feel! What other things can you think of to decorate your rooms during these parties?

Upcycled Tassels are made from old fabrics. Group by color, cut, knot and hang!
Upcycle old fabrics and clothing into decorative tassels for your room or holiday decor.
Groups Upcycled Tassels by color tone.
I sort material by color tone (such as warm or cool tones). For a rustic feel, tear strips instead of cutting them.
Upcycled Tassels can become holiday or christmas decor by adding lights.
Intermingle holiday lights among the tassels and create a Christmas decor idea!
Imagine these Upcycled Tassels as a windo valance or decorative wall piece.
Imagine these tassel ropes as a window valance or decorative wall piece!
When making Upcycled Tassels, mix and match textures too!
Use any materials, from sheer to heavy, and mix/match textures too!
Upcycled Tassels look great with frayed ends and little strings.
Those little strings and frayed ends make these tassels look rustic!

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