Eco-christmas Trees

Christmas is coming soon, so I will share with you some ideas for “Eco Christmas Trees” and decoration. Trees, which differ from the usual, made of natural materials, which can be installed indoors or outdoors, or even to decorate a shop window, which you can order even in different sizes or colors.

In the first photo: A beautiful wooden tree, which is blank inside, allowing you to place the crib, or gifts, or only lights that will show dramatically in darkness. Also after Christmas, you can place it in your garden, putting in small pots or even to convert tools or transform it to a mini bar.

See also the “3-dimensional” Christmas wooden tree, in which the circles refer to Christmas balls… The gaps, you can place Christmas balls, small gifts or even store items for sale.

This Christmas tree mounted on a wooden base, which is a variant of the idea of the previous photo, and also has cycles where the balls are placed.





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Jurate Adomaityte- Palubinskiene via Facebook
Jurate Adomaityte- Palubinskiene via Facebook

How are they eco? Especially the last one?… Looks very ” let’s-cut-a-tree-and-make-ply-wood-in-the-shape-of-the-christmas-tree” ;)

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