by Thomas Troisch

Pacific Blue Mussel Sconces

The Blue Mussel Sconce from the Pacific Northwest; local, organic, sustainable…inspired by the functional works of the lighting obsessed architect Poul Henningsen.
The project began with about 50 pairs of shells (after a moules frites dinner). They were subsequently cleaned, boiled and bathed in blue food coloring (to enhance the vibrancy of the bivalve’s inside lining). 2 holes were drilled into each shell to enable interlinking with silver wire rings, and the black outer side of the shells coated in reflective sterling silver to achieve an industrial look. The fixtures are recycled wall sconces, stripped down to the bare metal and updated with a set of reclaimed brass hand-shaped rings – finished with a matte silver powder-coat. Finally a pair of glass cylinders over the light bulb were fashioned by removing the tops and bottoms from a set of rose wine bottles.



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