by Glen L. Wrisley

Paired Pallet Nightstands Add Handy Storage Space

I made these Paired Pallet Nightstands using approximately four pallets. They measure 13″ wide x 14″ deep x 27″ tall. I added one drawer to each stand. Both are finished with a coat of whitewash and then a clear coat. These nightstands also make excellent end tables!

Add storage and organize your bedroom with these Paired Pallet Nightstands!

Add a DIY lamp and read comfortably in bed.

The whitewash coat on these Pallet Nightstands lets the grain shine through.
The whitewash coat is beautiful and still lets the natural wood grain shine through.
Two deep drawers on these Pallet Nightstands provides lots of storage space.
Two deep drawers provide lots of handy storage space.
The clean lines of these Pallet Nightstands lends itself to most home decor needs.
The simple, clean lines mesh with most decor styles.
Add a basket or even shelves below the drawer of the Pallet Nightstands to add more storage solutions.
Add a basket or even shelves below the drawer space to store more items.
These Pallet Nightstands make excellent endtables in the living room as well.
These nightstands make excellent end tables in the living room as well.
Never hunt for your lip balm again with the raised lip on the Pallet Nightstands.
Your lip balm will never escape with the raised lip the trim forms.
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