All About Pallets! Upcycling Pallet Wood Tips

Attention all pallet lovers! Here’s an article all about up-cycling and reusing pallets as a creative medium! Find lots of tips on where to find pallets and what to look for when you select a pallet.  Learn how to work with pallets, design considerations, and project ideas: here on A Piece of Rainbow.

Grab a pallet and start creating beautiful projects for your home! Start finding those pallets and then jump into some great projects!

This pallet stack is a lot of potential fun projects!

Learn the various ways to take apart pallets, too! Or, if you prefer, you can invest in a pallet buster that will make pallet dismantling easy! Check out 1001Pallets reviews on the best pallet buster on the market!

Pallet information includes ways to break them apart, like using a pallet buster tool.

Even though this lumber isn’t considered “furniture grade,” it’s still beautiful! Those imperfections, extra knot-holes, and wavy grains are the charm we love!

A stack of pallet wood.

Make a vintage-style orange crate using pallets!

Turn pallet wood into a vintage orange crate.


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