by Lerènies Maria Francesca Batzella

Paper Is a Precious Gift

Each of my creations i treat not only as a fine art jewelry, or décor, but also as a sculpture. Thus, each of my jewels is original and unique. Every jewel has its own life and is closely connected to Sardinian culture (monuments, nature, carnival masks: Mamuthones and Issohadores, Boes and Merdules, etc).

I chose paper (never papier-mâché) for two principal reasons: humans began to decorate their bodies collecting found objects, which is in a sense, to “build” an object full of symbolism. Paper is a noble material, recyclable, and today more than ever, our planet demands respect and awareness, as saturated with waste products from human beings. I produce jewellery in paper (surface treated with waterproofing to cope with the deterioration) which has been enriched, not from material deemed valuable, but embellished by symbolic meaning narrated by each piece. I think it is important to understand and take what is the meaning of things in communion with creation, that is universal or human.



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