by Berenike Gais

Pendant for the Courageous

My son’s pocket knife was stuck and broken. So one evening he and his brother (they are 4 and 7 years old) picked it to pieces, marveling at its individual parts, including the snap ring from its broken chain. They then reassembled it, turning it into a pendant for the courageous and gave it to me as a present. I wear it on my finest gold necklace now.
Conclusion: There is something special waiting in every broken little thing.
And: Children are natural born talents at upcycling.


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Berenike Gais
Berenike Gais

Oh, I am so sorry: I forgot to mention that I blunted all edges and pointy ends. And the long blade wasn’t used, of course. Not to worry. Although: It’s still dangerous jewelry! ;-)

Ben Simon
Ben Simon

Love it!

What a wonderful hack.

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