Not Politically Correct Engraving Stainless Steel Cutlery

By gille monte ruici

I recycle forks and knives in a particular way. We can easily find cutlery communities in second hands markets. Most often they are in stainless steel so easy to burn. […]

From Cutlery To Bold Accessories

By KrasiiIvWonders

We have decided to be bold and give a second life to old stainless steel utensils. Some of them are shiny; some are vintage style, and some are with oxidized silver effect. The common thing about all of them is that they have been created with love and passion. Each one of our items is unique and can’t be done again.

How To: Stamping Silver

By Ronja Lotte

Learn how to stamp old silverware or handmade jewelry in just a few steps: Tutorial available on my blog. Ps.: “Stadtkind” is a German term for a person who is […]

Tea Light Holder

By Ronja Lotte

While I am writing these words, I can hear a voice in my head: “Not again a DIY cutlery project!” Do I have a choice? Since I ran wild on […]

Colored Wall Vase

By Ronja Lotte

I would like to present a project for a DIY competition to you that I finished today. The task was to produce anything creative with the material glass, such as […]

Wind Chimes from Recycled Metal Objects

By Neokentin

Mobiles and wind chimes I create from found objects and flea market finds- some are also re-purposed. All are tied to fishing line or wire and some are also light […]

Spooned: Upcycled Cutlery Into Jewelry

By Neokentin

Spooned is an Upcycling-Creation by NiArt for COUP. It’s made out of silver cutlery!

Cutlery Holder

By Neokentin

I created the Atelier Karteko 2 years ago in France. I recycle pallets, cardboards, Nespresso capsules, tissues, … in furniture, objects or jewelry. All these materials are derived from garbage […]

Pendant for the Courageous

By Neokentin

My son’s pocket knife was stuck and broken. So one evening he and his brother (they are 4 and 7 years old) picked it to pieces, marveling at its individual […]

Original Recycled Jewelry

By Neodim

Silverware and bicycle ture innertubes turned into stunning jewelry. ++ LostAndFoundObjects on Etsy

Cutlery Chair

By Neodim

This Cutlery Chair utilises these hard to recycle, unwanted cutlery pieces as building blocks to create truly unique pieces of functional furniture. ++ By Osian Batyka-Williams

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