by Kimberly Franklin

Dictionary Flower Wreath

Dictionaries are thrown out so much now, and I get sad seeing them in dumpsters. I am very strict on using only trash of second hand items, and so I had to wait months to find this beautiful second hand wreath at a local thrift store, I took the wreath home giddy with excitment, I then spent 5 hours creating the beautiful hand drawn and cut petals for each of the flowers… it turned out beautiful. And if you ever get board, go ahead and learn a word or two off a flower. Upcycle on Everyone!


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Hélène Blain via Facebook
Hélène Blain via Facebook

Je ne jette jamais les dictionnaires ; ils font des bons albums opour faire sécher les fleurs et plantes. Et aussi les bottins téléphoniques.

Hélène Blain via Facebook
Hélène Blain via Facebook

On peut aussi les utiliser pour faire du papier mâché.


Wow this is great! I would totally add some dried flowers and herbs to give this a really shabby chic feel. Great cheap decorating idea!!!

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