by Lea Turto

Plastic Planet – Sculptures

Tiina Valkeapää’s art work PlasticPlanet is about recycling of plastic waste and the inability of waste management to keep up with the constantly increasing amount of it.

Small plastic sculptures Totem and Madonna are made by melting together pieces of plastic waste. In the bigger plastic works Tiina Valkeapää also use cable ties to bind the parts.

Finnish artists Tiina Valkeapää’s earlier works have quite often been made of wood or other nature’s materials. But from 2009 on she has used plastic garbage as the material of her works. Tiina Valkeapää tells: “My relationship with environmental art is a bit complex nowadays. I’d like my works to speak out, to have a social message. I want them be more than just aesthetic.
More of Tiina Valkeapää`s art made of plastic garbage: Tiina Valkeapää – Recycled Art Gallery




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