by Costas Schuler

The Pen Guy on a Quest to Collect a Million Used Pens to Make Murals

My name is Costas Schuler, graphic designer, recycle artist and funny man, also known as The Pen Guy creator of the Mercedes Pens Art Car covered in 10,000 pens.
In 2005 I had a fantastic idea to collect pens and glue them on my 1981 Mercedes Benz 300SD, affectionately called the Mercedes Pens. So far I have managed to collect over 70,000 pens locally and from around the world, the first 10,000 used pens ending up on the art car. Now that the Mercedes Pens is totally covered in pens I am launching phase two of my master plan to find homes for the other 60,000+ used pens I have piled up and over flowing at my house.

My solution is to create beautiful art using used pens and put them up for display in all over the world. I recently got about 30,000 from terracycle and in return created a penting for their conference room. The Second one is currently on display at the Greentivites exhibit at the sonoma county fair. I have many more pens and many more ideas for murals coming up.

I plan to continue collecting pens locally and from around the world so please gather all those old pens cluttering up your space and send them to:
The Pen Guy 6484 Mirabel Road #994 Forestville, CA 95436




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Art by Kathy Carney via Facebook

Like your style!!


Your artwork is compelling and helpful, i mean who & how does recycle Expo markers… it’s hart to find out – so why not make art! Bravo!


I love your art! What a wonderful way to reuse.

Are you still collecting used pens?

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