by Jennifer Bell

Prom Dress

This dress was made from an old tablecloth, chicken wire, gift wrap, two stained t-shirts and a placemat. My discovery is how beautiful you can make a dress look with what other people consider junk. To see my upcoming design check out my facebook page – “discarded couture”.

Prom Dress 2 • Clothing
Prom Dress 3 • Clothing


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Heather Douglas via Facebook

Brilliant .love it:)

Janet Lee via Facebook
Janet Lee via Facebook

Beautiful as well as green

Elena Kukharskaya via Facebook

The rule “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ” is used so creatively ))))) Good for you!!

Hip Urban Green via Facebook

This is a good way to avoid paying a high price for a something you will only use once. Great to give a second life to all these items, right?

Heini Järvinen via Facebook

Love the idea! Swords to plowshares, garbage to clothes – making this World a better place :)


Prom is coming up, but there’s no need to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks. There are many websites such as and many more that offer affordable, inexpensive prom dresses that are fabulously stylish.

Wes Tomchuk

recycled prom dress she lost her virginity in?

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