by Annette&fred

Punch & Sit

Bringing together two fundamentally different objects or materials is an interesting task. In this particular case an old punching bag from the training cellar & a tapestry from the flea market. The idea was to build a seat.

To make the tapestry cover easier to clean, open the cord under the bag. Since the cord is attached to the cover, the bag loses its function, and the goblin is also no longer fully visible due to its curvature.

So, one cancels the other, but still minus & minus plus. The bag has already been used enough in its life as a training device and he has now a new life as an original seat.

Punch & Sit 1 • Recycled Furniture
Punch & Sit 3 • Recycled Furniture
Punch & Sit 5 • Recycled Furniture
Punch & Sit 7 • Recycled Furniture


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