Quick, Easy Diy Embroidery Box Is Pretty Storage Solution

Make a Quick, Easy Diy Embroidery Box For Handy Storage. Upcycle an empty tin box (such as for chocolates, cookies or similar) into a very convenient storage box with a touch of style.

Unleash your creativity with a project like this Quick, Easy Diy Embroidery Box!

There was this chocolate box made of tin, so I decided to use it after I savored all of the chocolates. I wrapped the box with cloth and colored the top part of the box. Fabric paints, fabric pens, or even an embroidery project makes the decorative covering very cute.

Make a Diy Embroidery Box with a few simple things.
A cover and a quick design dresses up the little tin box and also identifies the contents.
The lid was covered with a piece of cloth that I freehand drew flowers on.
Free-hand draw or use a stencil to create any pattern you like on the cover piece.
Diy Embroidery Box can be made from any small box you have lying around.
I also covered the sides with the cloth.

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