To Re-cycle, To Re-inspire, That Is The Question! To Suffer The Indignation Of Rusting Away In Some Landfill, Or To Create Inspiration From The Creation Of New Life!

My first love was ceramics or pottery. I like the usefulness, as well as the utilitarian aspect of creations. My recycling interest came along when I was trying to recycle a wood product I was working with, into a more sustainable life-enhancing a product. Done, hot feet firewood was begun.

After a while, I considered making products that could also be recycled into fire pits, in which to burn my recycled firewood. Thus the birth of my “RastaFirefire pits, made from recycled 5o gal. Steel drums. So far I have done commercial as well as personal firepits for many customers, ranging from family names, as well as Hawaiian motifs, to sports teams. The bases of the fire pits are recycled automobile wheel rims, painted various colors to match themes.

Another design came to mind when I was boondocking in the American south-west, using a washtub removed from an old washing machine, and converting it into a burning barrel. It worked great and offered much warmth and ambiance. Upon using the tub at a private campground, I was told I could not have a fire on the ground, as it permitted a fire hazard. Upon learning this I decided to mount the tub, supported by three cast iron claw feet legs off antique bathtubs. Wala! Problem solved, Happy Campers. This was the invention of the “Hillbilly Hearth“.
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Jeff Bizzarro

star’bunks’ not in the landfill.

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