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To Re-cycle, To Re-inspire, That Is The Question! To Suffer The Indignation Of Rusting Away In Some Landfill, Or To Create Inspiration From The Creation Of New Life!

By David Yerzy

Thanks to Willm. Shakespeare, for the prose, we all desire to slip a little into our futures, and reinvent ourselves. It shows that we are always thinking, always trying to do something a littler better, a lot better. Mine deals with cans, and steel drums, and whatever else may be laying around. Please, come with me, and let me show you what I’ve been doing to, “save the world”, or, at least, save my sanity! Maybe it will inspire you!

Upcycled Guitar Picks And Drum Stick Into Beautiful Chandelier

By debigotenrotllat

Chandelier made from upcycled guitar picks and one drum stick, for the music lovers :)

Stylish Washing Machine Drum Armchair

By Federica Ripani

Armchair characterized by the oscillatory movement along the horizontal axis (right-left). Designed and built by hand by using only recycled materials. The base is made from an upcycled drum of a […]

Broken Cymbals Upcycled Into Wall Lamp

By Neodim

We already showcased this pendant lamp made from a broken cymbal, now it’s wall lamps made from cymbals by Leonardo Criolani. Leonardo uses only original broken cymbals “career ending” to […]

Lamp Recycl-e

By L'atelier d'Orel

Lamp made ​​with an old washing machine drum, a steel support, recycled metallic objects and plastic pieces from children’s games. A unique and original lamp!

Table Manufactory From A Dryer Drum Machine

By L'atelier d'Orel

A drum tumble dryer recycled into a high table with an industrial style. Assembled on a steel base. The top is made of recycled signs. Original and unique, this tumble […]

Drum Kit Upcycled into Chandelier

By Neokentin

This complete drum kit chandelier can be seen at The Drum, JJ’s Red Hots restaurant and was designed by Matt Ludwig of Ludwig Metals. Nice done !

Washing Machine Drum Bar

By L'atelier d'Orel

A little bar made with and old and repurposed washing machine drum.

Be Street Bar

By L'atelier d'Orel

Washing machine drum and old recycled bar stool.

Upcycled Reinforced Soft Bag for Music Instruments

By Neokentin

Reinforced Soft Bag for Snare drum seeds, whole drum sets, cymbals, trumpet, trombone and bag for drumsticks. Made with upcycled truck tarps and banners, safety car belts and coated inside […]

Washing Machine Table With Inside Light

By L'atelier d'Orel

100 % upcycling.

Drum Set Made Out of Wood

By Neodim

Just a great idea found here

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