by Andrea Brill

Recovered Bike Tire Belt

With a little manipulation and a bit of creative mojo, I turned this recovered tire into an ecologically responsible and “eco-sweet” belt.

My inspiration came from seeing a tire submerged in a lake. Too often, “retired” items like tires and inner tubes end up in landfills or sometimes sadly, polluting our lakes and streams. And while they may have lost their intended purposes, these items can breathe life again in artistic and ecologically responsible forms.

I love, and hope you do too, the rugged “terrain” and metal hardware of this piece. It pays tribute to all cyclists who strive to ride longer, harder and faster.

Recovered Bike Tire Belt 2 • Accessories
Recovered Bike Tire Belt 3 • Accessories

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This belt looks great, rugged and stylish. Great job with a bicycle tire! :)

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