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We Recycle George !

This is a nice way of recycling the Nespresso capsules, it’s very easy and a nice present to do. Anyway, if you are not good at DIY, you can buy them in Be My Fiera website.

we recycle George1
Malkovich earrings1

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MaryBeth Scherry via Facebook
MaryBeth Scherry via Facebook

What are “Nespresso capsules”?


I think this way it´s different than other that I have seen. I like them. Good job.

Cinnamon Art via Facebook

This way to using Nespresso capsules it´s different than I have seen. I like them. Good job

Alex aebi
Alex aebi

Very Nice! I bet George likes it!

Maria Abruzzese

E’ una bellissima idea, anch’io amo riciciclare le capsule Nespresso


These are lovely. I’d like to learn more, but neither of the links to Be My Fiera website are active, and it doesn’t show up in a google search. Can you fix it so that the links work?

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