Old Boats Recycled Into Sheds

These repurposed boat sheds are Located on Lindisfarne (Holy Island – England), the fishermen have a great way to recycle their old boats by turning them upside down and creating storage sheds that could also be livable sheds!

repurposed boat sheds on Holy Island 01

Photo by Kevin Wakelam

repurposed boat sheds on Holy Island 03

Photo by jones-y-gog

repurposed boat sheds on Holy Island 02

Photo by Fiona McPhie

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The coolest oceanic thing ever!!!!!!

valerie douche

Great idea. In my garden, i I have put an old 2cv car, for the children to play. It’s nice and amusing

Mawiie Perreault

Marc-André Perreault c sa qui faut faire quand sont fini !!! Patrick Surprenant

Leila Bee

A truly ancient recycling idea :) At least a thousand years old. Travellers have used the boats they came in for habitation for a very long time.

Arturo Alejandro Medina Varas

Happy very good

Raiders of the Lost Skip

seen similar on the coast around alnmouth area…drive past when I can just to see them

Nick Rhodes

This is Lindisfarne in Northumberland. A beautiful part of the UK.

Raiders of the Lost Skip
Reply to  Nick Rhodes

see quite a few along that piece of coast , you right nick certainly is a very special part of the UK , worth a drive just to see the numerous castles

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