by Erica

Recycled Bomb Shells Into Casing Bee Sculptures

Handcrafted art sculptures handmade in Cambodia from recycled bomb shells. Ironwork artisans have been trained by a professional in their handicraft skill. Produced in a small workshop under fair conditions in the urban city of Phnom Penh. Bomb casings were left over from Cambodia’s wartime three decades ago. Ironwork artisans then skillfully mold bombshells into creative little creatures, introducing a small income to underprivileged communities.

Images included of Father Bee. Mother Bee. Nativity Set.

Craftworks Cambodia aims to provide the underprivileged Cambodian home based producers the opportunity to be trained in the production and marketing of contemporary craft, committed to the personal development of workers as individuals in an economic, social enterprise. They provide employment to home-based workers and pay fair wages for their work and a safe work environment. Working very carefully with the home-based workers and producer groups with disabilities, disadvantages, and vulnerability in the communities of Cambodia.

Recycled Bomb Shells Into Casing Bee Sculptures 2 • Recycled Art

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