by Kathy Carney

Recycled Magazine Art

For a few years now I have been experimenting with up-cycling: making new creations made from old things. Just recently, I was inspired by a frame made of magazine rolls that wrapped around a mirror. I thought it was a fantastic idea with great texture, but the application could be taken further. So I began to roll magazines. I was amazed by the spectrum of color and design possibilities. I began with abstract shapes and colors, then moved on to black and white. I used eyes as my new inspiration. I love leaving peek-a-boo images and glimpses of ads in my work. A flash of a shoe or kangaroo from a magazine page allows me to create an image inside an image. From there on, ideas of structure and content flood my thoughts. I just keep making more pieces! As I continue to explore this new medium, I am not only saving waste from the dump but giving a slice of our modern culture a new purpose.



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the big eye seems like with tear …………………..

Rosie Saxe
Rosie Saxe

How big are these pieces? Like the texture, reminds of weaving. Thank you for posting

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