Recycled Pallet Into Stools

Using old pallets and a fallen ash branch we made these stools. The pallets, after being broken up and de-nailed were glued together, planed and sanded. The legs were formed by splitting ash branch to give a natural looking finish.



Recycled Pallet Into Stools 3 • Recycled Furniture




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Daniels Bros.

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Bill Royal

Louie Royal


You sound like my kind of crafters. I absolutely love those stools

Guy Gibson
Guy Gibson

Love this guys. Such a shame you didn’t get any WIP photos to post too. I can’t quite believe that a load of crappy pallet wood I have in the shed could make something so beautiful.

What sort of glue did you use that would be strong enough to keep the pallet wood together – just normal wood glue? And I assume you then clamp them until the glue dries?

I like it when the pallet projects don’t look too much like pallets, great job !

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