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Recycled Plastic Turtles: Company Aims To Change Art!

We are a fledgling company whose goal is to raise awareness about plastic waste while having fun with the material. We want to show how approaching a material with enthusiasm and interest can spark change. These adorable little Plastic Turtles are just one of our necklace designs. We make upcycled plastic necklaces that turn plastic trash into treasures!

We used upcycled materials to make the machines used to create these Recycled Plastic Turtles!

Our mission is to take on one of the most pervasive man-made issues that are affecting our environment and doing so in a creative and playful way. We aim to show how approaching waste products with enthusiasm can result in innovative and amazing products.

Proudly wear Plastic Turtles made from various upcycled plastic trash.
These colorful turtles are so adorable and colorful! Your friends and family would never guess that they were once discarded plastic.
Plastic Turtles, plastic whales, and plastic dinos, oh my!
Choose other designs, including these upcycled whales.
These plastic dinos are almost as adorable as the Plastic Turtles are.
Turtles are old, but if they’re not old enough, get an upcycled plastic dino instead!
ObjetDFox is the creator of the Plastic Turtles.
ObjetDFox is changing the idea of trash to treasure by upcycling plastic into adorable jewelry items.

Old measuring cups become cheerful planter pots.  Make a pallet coffee table with an integrated ice chest in the center.


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funny, i made turtles too but than from old plastic bags. Just simply with crochet so no toxics releasing melting process.

Reply to  Revived

That sounds like a great upcycling idea! We’d love to see a post, or maybe a step-by-step tutorial or video tutorial! -HS.

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