by Dominique Thonet

Steampunk Lamp From an Old Clock

Vintage clock rehabilitated into a steampunk lamp. It is made with the elements behind this clock, gears, needles and the lighting with LED lights from an old Christmas light and works on batteries, old lamp bulb.

The needles are fictitious! They just serve as an ornament! A compartment on the back will allow you to hide secrets. This light will give a delicious, cozy ambiance.

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Kimberly Pasternak
Kimberly Pasternak

I have a glass ? Skull with a hollow bottom at the neck. I’d LOVE to make a lamp for my 15 year old son-Erich! Does anyone have any ideas for a base & where the heck to begin??….(my idea was possibly a marble cheese board!) TY in advance for your Shared CREATIVITY!!!

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