by Alix Joyal

Recycled T-shirts Transformed into Baby Onesies and Toddler Leggings

I am the owner of Joyaltee and I make baby clothing all from recycled t shirts! I would love to spread the word about recycling and upcycling especially for kids clothing! In addition, I am running a contest on my Instagram page and the winner can pick any TWO items from my ETSY shop, for free! Here’s the link to my Instagram giveaway: I will also be adding more tutorials to my blog so folks can make their own recycled baby clothes too!! Thank you!!




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Wonderful, super cool and so smart to recycle! I’d love to know how to make the onesies for my Grandson. Great work, and so unique.

Laila Keirstead
Laila Keirstead

There are so many funny and cute baby t-shirts I really like the basketball one you have on here. It would be really fun to get a couple of these for our newborn to wear when he gets a little bigger. right now, he would be able to sleep in that or use it as a blanket, but in a few months he should fit into something like this.

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