Recycled Inner Tubes & Cans Jewelry by Ckoasa

By Ckoasa Ckoasa

We are a family who, from Nouméa, Sydney, and Melbourne, create, design and produce unique jewelry. We praise the protection of our environment and especially the lungs of our planet, […]

Contest! Win Laura Zabo Innertube & Tire Accessories!

By Laura_Zabo

Laura Zabo aims to create a better & cleaner world by using creativity and imagination to make sustainable products. Laura Zabo has created an innovative and eclectic fashion accessory range […]

Contest! Win a Felvarrom Recycled Inner Tube Wallet And Belt

By Neokentin

Felvarrom collects worn out bicycle parts from local shops in Budapest and upcycles them into eco-products. In their website, you can find a broad range of accessories made from recycled bike […]

Trash-fashions from Recycled Rubber

By trash-fashions

Working with trash creating one of a kind outrageous pieces of sculptures for the body… dare to wear!! I collect rubber and recycle it by constructing original pieces of wearable […]

Win a Felvarrom Recycled Innertube Wallet & Belt

By Neokentin

Felvarrom collects worn out bicycle parts from local shops in Budapest and upcycle them into eco-products. In their website, you can find a wide range of accessories made from recycled bike […]

Upcycled Planters From Unusual Objects

By Rodrigo Tello

I give a green point in a very unusual way to your spaces and keep plants alive is my work and I really enjoy it!

Easy Diy Harvesting Basket

By Michelle Leslie

Celebrate nature’s bounty and make an easy harvesting basket that’s just the right size and perfect for gathering, washing and carrying fresh, home grown veggies.

Upcycling Used Bike Innertubes Into Jewellery

By Neokentin

Used bicycle innertubes can be upcycled into functional items like jewellery, wallets, wristlets, key hides, chair and stool weavings, etcetera, and are also incorporated into visual arts. I chose to make jewellery from the innertubes I rescued from a curbside bin destined for a landfill. I was on a coffee run one evening, on garbage night, and saw a bunch of snakey-looking things dropping from a trash bin. Curious, I stopped and found it was a half dozen blown bicycle inner tubes. All kinds of creative ideas flashed through my mind in seconds. I just had to have those innertubes, so I took all of them. Though I create many one-of-a-kind pieces from salvaged discards, my love of working with these snakey, rubbery loops evolved from this serendipitous ‘find’.

Necklace Out of a Bicycle Inner Tube & Soda Can Tabs

By bijouxfaitalamain13 (Isabel Naomi)

We are Isabel and Naomi. We like to use products that can be thrown away and turn these products into jewelry or decorations for your house. Here we used the […]

Recycled Art Interview #8: Jennie Burke From The Brand Fantome

By Neokentin

We continue our series of posts interviewing “recycled art” crafters & artists. This week, we interviewed Jennie Burke from the brand FANTOME as she make beautiful accessories from recycled bike […]

Upcycling Fashion Bags

By Bi Ethic

How she got here? Before creating BI ETHIC, Nhât Anh Bardou was educated in France. With a degree in architecture, she worked in this area in Paris for several years. […]

Never Seen Wickerwork From Recycled Inner Tubes


Hi everyone! This is the second post for my FANTOME article. It’s time to tell us more about our novelties! We love wicker and we recycle inner tubes. So we […]

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