Recycling Lamp With Love

Are you tired of always giving the same for Valentine’s Day? Are you sick of seeing the same lampshade?

OBJECTIVE: This year we have a beautiful and special lamp to give!


  • The display of an old lamp, or if you have not, ask for it to mom, your grandmather…etc, sure you have …
  • Printed photographs
  • White paint brush Cola.
  • Scissors.
  • Double-sided tape and glue.
  • Lazo or bias tape.

TIME: A few hours


  • Clean the surface of the screen.
  • With double-sided tape, glue the pictures on the collage screen mode.
  • Prepare a mixture of white glue, 70% glue, and 30% water, and mix well.
  • Once you may have the entire surface of the screen covered with the paint brush, we will wet the photos with the mixture we have done. When dried, this combination makes a protective film and is the transparent color.
  • Let dry for about 4 hours.
  • Spiking the two sections of the screen. Apply the glue and the bond or bias, to decorate and protect the final structure of the display.

What it is super original? Us what we have done in black and white, and we have taken some very cheapest lamp (if you want to ask where we bought, send us an email).

To enjoy your romantic lamp!

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Pa Dde

20€ für jedes neue Mitglied ! Beste Investitions Seite !!!!

Soledad Rétiz

Quiero saber cómo se hacen

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