Yoga Mat Upcycled Into Original Lamp Shade

By pattysgreenart

My old lamp shade was falling apart so I had the idea to give them a new life by covering it with an upcycled bamboo straw yoga mat that I […]

February’s Finest Top 5 Ideas of 2018 That’ll Inspire You!

By HeatherStiletto

Hopefully, you’re not too buried under the wintery weather to begin a new project. After you dig out of the snow, try one of our Top 5 Ideas of 2018! […]

Upcycled World Map Lampshade

By Neokentin

Turn a garage sale lamp shade into a work of art with a yacht map or beach themed gift wrap.

Graphic Lines Inner Tube Lamp Shades

By WownID

Is it rubber or leather? Recycled inner tubes, cut and wrapped around: you must see the effect!

Rock & Roll Desk Lamp From Recycled Vinyl Records

By hipelee

Lamps made from recycled vinyl records!

Lampshades of Recycled Rubber

By Neokentin

Seeing a picture in a design magazine of man creating a lampshade with thin ropes of leather, my imagination was triggered. I love to use rubber, and with a pile […]

Lampshade From Recycled Paper, Cardboard & Dolls

By Neokentin

Unique lampshade from recycled paper and cardboard inspired from Greek mythology.

Design Gourd Lamps With Recycled Materials

By kuialamparas

Unique design lamps using gourds and other recycled materials.

Recycling Lamp With Love

By izanen

Are you tired of always giving the same for Valentine’s Day? Are you sick of seeing the same lampshade? OBJECTIVE: This year we have a beautiful and special lamp to […]

Upcycled Vinyl Record Into Beautiful Lampshade

By Neokentin

This lampshade is made out of an old vinyl record with a brass socket and a red fabric cable. I strictly don’t know how the shape of the lamp was […]

Upcycled Old Leggings Into Beautiful Lampshades


If you are fun of creative recycling, you will love this unusual DIY idea found at Vintage Revivals website, that show you how you can convert and old and ordinary […]

The Rattan Lamp

By Ronja Lotte

To my own surprise, I bought a lampshade made of rattan on a flea market and painted it. I still maintain that I do not like the gold-brown color of […]

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